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Our Story

Cupcakes Bakery is a family-run bakery, founded in 2007 by Karen Cook, her husband Bobby, four sons: Rusty, Jack, Sam, and Dakota, and Emmy Award winning family best friend, Priscilla. A delivery/special order business at first, the Cooks steadily built a reputation for high quality, old-fashioned baked goods & the best cupcakes in town. As the community became acquainted with these confections, and orders became more than the family could handle on their own, they opened the storefront in 2008 and have since become a hometown favorite. Recruiting the best bakers in the area, the Cooks now have a team of dedicated employees, an extended family, that pride themselves on baking the highest quality cupcakes around. From the beginning, Cupcakes Bakery has held on to a core set of values: cupcakes made from scratch, using whole ingredients, baked fresh every day. It’s a tradition of quality.


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7062 N Cedar Ave Fresno, CA 93720

(559) 325-0935

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